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Martin LaMar: Housing and development: A day in the life of a developer

Housing and development:  A day in the life of a developer

There is a common misconception that real estate and housing developers have glamorous lives. If by glamorous, people mean busy, then sure. But rest assured, there is very little glitz to be had for full-time developers. Let’s take a short look at their day.

In the morning, a developer is usually up and about as soon as the sun shines. He /she either works out, jogs a little bit, does some yoga, or any exercise that gets his/her mind ready and his/her blood flowing for what’s to come later on in the day.
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During breakfast and coffee, the developer goes online to scour the news, checking if any developments in the community real estate and housing sector affects his projects.

 An hour or two later, the developer visits the project site and goes over a number of details with the foreman. He/she finds out if there are additional issues, and thinks of solutions on the spot. He/she also calculates additional expenses, if any.

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After visiting the project site (where he’ll probably swing by again later in the afternoon), the developer heads out to the local government offices to talk to building inspectors and furnish all the required documents.

Before he/she ends his/her day, the developer then drives around town, looking for other promising areas where he/she could break ground in the future.

Martin LaMar is the Regional Vice President of McCormack Baron Salazar. With his career, he aims to make an impact on housing, social, health, and education policies. For more about Martin LaMar and his work, visit this page.

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